6 Dark Erotic Romances featuring Jenika Snow, Lily Harlem, Alexa Sinclaire, N.J. Young, Elena Kincaid, Jocelyn Dex @evernightpub

Available this Friday, May 20th!!


TAKE ME BY JENIKA SNOW: He’s watched her, stalked her, and makes no apologies about what he’ll do to make her his. But how far will he have to go to make her see she belongs with him?

SINFUL BY LILY HARLEM: A London riot, a lost girl, and a priest with a secret. Will the Devil’s whispered suggestions tempt them to indulge in the sins of the flesh?
ONE LAST JOB BY ALEXA SINCLAIRE: One last heist and then he’ll be free. But can he still keep the woman he loves when he forces her to sacrifice her freedom?
CAPTIVE ARTIST BY N.J. YOUNG: A troubled thief. An art heist gone wrong. A woman caught in the middle. Can she protect her heart from the man who threatens her life?
THE SHADOW BY ELENA KINCAID: He came out of nowhere, like a shadow hiding in pitch darkness. Could he uncover the whole truth before he sentences her to a fate worse than death?
GODSEND BY JOCELYN DEX: Her captor’s threats and sexual aggression make her wonder if she’ll escape unscathed … or at all.
N.J. Young

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