The cover for One Sweet Taste by N.J. Young was apparently too hot for Amazon! #banned #author

Amazon has an adult filter they slap on books that they deem too racy or inappropriate to appear in normal searches. Apparently, my new cover (which I am in love with) offended their sensibilities. I mean, come on. I’ve seen more butt crack on plumbers who have been in my home.

But that’s not the part that bugs me. It’s the fact that you can find hundreds of covers of practically naked women that sail through the approval process just fine. Why is that okay? Just when I think we’ve come a long way, the double-standard rears its ugly head.

If you’re an author, you know that if your book gets labeled with that adult filter, your sales plummet because that effectively means no one can find your book.

For my book to get through the approval process, my publisher had to do some editing. So now, when you look for my book on Amazon, you will find it!

But instead of seeing this:


You will see this:



But, maybe I’ll start marketing it as this:



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