A Hero Inside – my newest upcoming title from Evernight Publishing!

Nothing cheers you up like an acceptance email! It’s not that I was having a bad day yesterday. October is just perpetually busy. Last night, I was in between gigs of volunteering for Science Night at the elementary school and picking my son up from his play rehearsal at the middle school, and I actually had two seconds to rub together where I could check my email.

I received an acceptance from Evernight on my Romance On The Go title, A Hero Inside. This novella is the first in my new series, Love With A Price. Needless to say, I am incredibly excited!! With Double Down coming out soon, I now have two releases to look forward to!! I will keep everyone posted as soon as I have dates! And I am submitting my second novella in the Love With A Price series today, so cross your fingers for me!!

In the meantime, here is a blurb about my upcoming title, A Hero Inside:

Bartender Tori Bennett has always longed for a family. After bouncing around the foster care system as a kid, Tori abandoned that dream and decided to focus on saving money to finish her nursing degree. She’s currently content to adopt her best friend Becca’s family as her own.

When a handsome stranger walks into the bar where she works on the eve of Thanksgiving and saves her from a would-be robber, Tori can’t get this hero out of her head. Once she finds out he’s her best friend’s brother, life gets complicated.

Ethan Price has been running for years. After the death of his father, he shut down emotionally, deciding it’s easier to move away from his family and be alone than to deal with the pain of loving – and losing – someone.

After he saves a gorgeous bartender from a gunman, he can’t get her out of his head. Once he finds out she’s the best friend of his little sister, Ethan has to decide if it’s worth the risk to stop running away and take a chance on love.


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