Handcuffs or roses?

Love  and  marriage

Whips, chains, and handcuffs, oh my. It seems that since the Fifty Shades of Gray phenomenon, there are so many writers focused on writing BDSM because let’s face it . . . it’s hot AND that’s what sells books. My Ozark Magic series has many trios involved in D/s relationships . . . well, in this case, it would be D/s/D, right? 😉

Over the weekend, I was reading Win Me Over, the newest title by Nicole Michaels. And I love it. There’s no spanking, no handcuffs, no tying anyone up. It’s just a romantic story with good writing. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Good writing? That’s something I aspire to. Because you CAN have an erotic book without bondage or D/s that has steaming, smoking, hot monkey love with a heat level so high that you need a cold shower.

I was worried when I started this writing journey that BDSM would be something I would have to include in all my books or no one would want to read them. However, I’ve been reminded lately that a good writer can make their books seem like the best things you’ve read no matter what the topic.

So, will my books have BDSM? Most definitely. Will all of them? Nope. And that’s okay, too. It doesn’t always fit with the story in my head, so I’m not going to force it. And hopefully, I can write characters that you will embrace no matter what.


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