Sex on a pontoon boat??

pontoonIs that comfortably possible?

In retrospect, it may not have been the brightest idea to set my book series in a lake resort community when I know absolutely nothing about boating. I already had to search the minds of friends for boat layouts when I wrote a murder that occurred on a boat. They were way more willing to answer my questions then rather than when I start off a conversation with, “Have you ever had sex on a pontoon?”

Maybe I should work on leading up to questions like that.

Anyway, I’m writing book two in the Ozark Magic series, and once I have the story outline in my head, it is hardlocked in. I’m weird like that. I’m getting ready to write a sex scene that occurs on a boat. Originally the boat in question was a pontoon boat, but that is something I could change if I need to.

What other types of boats do you find on lakes in the Midwest? I’m not talking a nice fancy boat, but I need one that has room enough for some bow chicka wow wow action. Any suggestions would be helpful. I am now going to go consult Doctor Google and see if he can help.


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