Pulsating nugget?

Okay, so maybe this is my fault for texting passages from sex scenes I’m working on to friends to get their input. But my afternoon has turned quite comical. My first source of reference is always my husband, but from him, I get comments such as, “Men don’t think that much during sex,” or “Don’t text me the words “cock” and “clit” when I’m in a meeting.”

Therefore, I turned to my besties. The problem with my two best friends are that they don’t normally read erotica. Oh, and one of them is a lesbian, so the fact that I write M/F/M menage falls inside of her “ick” zone.

Needless to say, the afternoon turned quite comical. While I got some interesting suggestions, I don’t think I’m going to be deleting the word “labia” and substituting “leather taco” or “meat wallet.” I’m also not going to refer to a clitoris as a “pulsating nugget” or “wet lump of fun.” Nor will I say, “he pumped her with the same veracity he had used to churn butter.”

I do love my friends, though. Thanks for the less than helpful, but always entertaining, suggestions.


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