Back in the saddle . . . er, blogosphere . . . again.

It has been a few years since I’ve blogged regularly, so I may be a little out of practice. Bear with me. It’s definitely good to be back in the blogosphere! My previous mommy blog is a far cry from the kinds of things I’m writing now. . . actually, I wrote erotica back then, I just didn’t have the balls to submit it for publication.

Well, I finally did, and my first book, Double Down, will be released in October! In case you haven’t been lucky enough to be the recipient of one of my many texts, emails or phone calls, I should tell you that I’m just a little excited by this. 🙂

Check back here for updates on my books. Double Down is the first in the Ozark Magic series, and I am hard at work on book 2, which I have titled (drumroll, please . . .) In Too Deep. 

There you go, my first post, and I’ve announced big news. Yes, it’s getting crazy all up in here. 🙂


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